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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks among young people today. However, the Instagram logo is known for its interesting story. Join to find out what that story is!

Instagram logo – 1 hour of magic

The magic hour that Instagram managed to gain a foothold in the tech market of that day is perhaps an interesting story.

Just like Facebook or Twitter, Instagram helps people connect and share moments with friends and the community. Instagram is an application dedicated to posting photos.

The starting point is from 2010 when Apple was quite successful in the field of technology, and Instagram was still small and unknown. Apple helped bring Instagram to the front page of the App Store app, where users have access to download all kinds of different apps to their phones.

However, the problem is that Apple only allows the CEO of Instagram in 1 hour to send the company logo design to Apple. It was the magic hour that made Instagram history now. The Instagram logo work at that time was developed by Rising – an Instagram tester based on the Bell & Howel camera to design a professional Instagram logo.

A meaningful and magical story about the logo design of this social network is so impressive that few know it has created new directions and new opportunities for this social network.

Instagram logo meaning

Logos of the early Instagram

early Instagram logo meaning

The Instagram social network logo is inspired by the old camera style, aimed directly at the viewer’s eyes. This icon conveys the message to the user what the Instagram app is and how to use it. The essence of the application is to take photos, then edit and turn the photos into older, more ancient, both classic and modern. Although, after exactly 1 hour, the Instagram logo conveys exactly what the application owns.

The initial logo always has a 4-color rainbow symbol including red, yellow, green, and blue – the company’s own symbol and is included in the left corner of the logo with the abbreviation INST. The result was as expected, the Instagram logo was put on the front page of the App Store and opened the door to more popular use, widely accepted.

The new logo of Instagram

current Instagram logo meaning

After a period of use, the company decided to change a new shirt for its Instagram logo. This is a new breakthrough with Instagram’s simplification goal to help users focus more on posting images and videos. Still keeping the camera icon as the main theme, but the rainbow icon in the left corner turns into a color image for the entire Instagram logo design.

Instagram logo vector

Instagram png logo

Instagram logo png

Learn about Instagram

Instagram is an application that allows you to take photos on your phone, add image filters and share on many social networks.

Initially, Instagram was designed exclusively for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, then in April 2012, there was a version for Android 2.2 and above operating systems. Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, originally named burn, 7 months later they launched the Instagram app.

On October 6, 2010, Instagram was officially released on the App Store.

In May 2010, the number of Instagram users was 1 million people, a few months later in June 2011 the number reached 5 million people and 10 million people in September 2011. As of April 2012, Instagram has about 3 million accounts. As of December 2014, Instagram reported 300 million people logging into the app every month.

With the information that provides, you probably have more insights into the birth of the Instagram logo and the interesting story of this popular social network. An impressive Instagram logo also contributes to attracting millions of daily users.

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